And it just hit me the loss I have encountered. The weight of how much a part of my life you were. You made me the happiest I will ever be.. And now your gone. I will miss your sweet smile in the morning, your laugh and that sparkle in your eyes. You meant the world to me and so did the cats believe it or not. Dina was just meowing and the thought of getting rid of something that has been so much apart of my life, I could not bare it. Then it hit me you were gone. It hit me, all the good times, everything.. Never to be felt again. My son, I will never get to hold again together with you as one. Our future torn apart by dictator parents, if only we could of gotten out of this house together we could have survived. Our love was everlasting. Why did we let something so meek tear it apart. I will always love you. I would have fought for you till the end, I tried, but it appeared not good enough, I am sorry I have failed you. You will be missed.